NMPSIA Upcoming Events

Mindfulness Rituals for the New Year

Saturday, January 1, 10-11:00 AM MST

Are you ready to truly release the past and step into the promise of the New Year? Learn a whole menu of beautiful minfulness rituals that are simple to integrate into daily life for huge impact on how you show up day to day, so that the patterns of the past can be released and your attention and energy can instead be focused on what's here and what's ahead.

Connecting to Purpose with Mindfulness

Saturday, January 15, 10-11:00 AM MST

Getting clear on what you want your purpose to be, and then learning the steps on how to integrate it into daily life, is one of the most helpful things a human can do. Mindfulness expert Michelle DuVal, MA, will take you through the steps of discovery and integration in this powerful workshop with mindfulness at its heart.

New Mexico Educators Jackpot Challenge

Starts Friday, January 28, 2022

Social dieting makes weight loss more fun and successful. Enjoy 24/7 access to a HealthyWage coach via the Support Feed with 12 weeks of support and motivation with our 5-star rated mobile app available for iOS and Android. View Flyer

Fitness and Nutrition as Mindfulness Practice

Saturday, February 5, 10-11:00 AM MST

Do you find it hard to stick with any long term diet or exercise programs? We understand, and we know why! Find out in this insightful workshop that will turn everything you think about fitness and nutrition on its head, showing you a simpler way to greater health and well being than you ever thought possible.

Mindfulness and Eco-Anxiety

Saturday, March 5, 10-11:00 AM MST

Do you worry about the state of our climate and are wondering how to handle it? Learn some brilliant mindfulness practices to both help you stabilize your mind, as well as engage with the solutions in a way that might actually make a difference.

You're Stronger Than You Think: Mindfulness and Mental Resilience

Saturday, March 19, 10-11:00 AM MST

Take a deep breath and know you have it within you to face any challenge that may come your way. Does that sound good but you’re not sure how to actually believe it? Learn how with this inspiring workshop that will give you more than just the slogans of true empowerment.

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