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Welcome to the NMPSIA Risk Division

NMPSIA has been in existence for 37 years and understands your educational risks. The Risk Division manages, for the most part, accidental and unpredictable losses. However, while no specific event or loss is foreseen, it is possible to predict an estimated frequency of losses. NMPSIA divides the management of process into three basic phases:

  • Pre-loss activities,
  • Actual loss activities, and
  • Post-loss activities

All of the Risk Contractors are dedicated to assist you immediately and to help prevent and/or mitigate losses for both your institution and NMPSIA as a public entity pool.

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Annual Risk Premium Invoice

To obtain a copy of your school or entity's annual Risk Premium Invoice, select the fiscal year that you want the invoice for and enter the District ID number assigned to your school or entity. The name of your organization will be displayed in the Name field. Click Submit to obtain a copy of your risk premium invoice.

The District ID number for your Risk Premium Invoice is the same as the District ID number used to obtain your monthly health insurance billing statement.

include leading zeroes if your District ID is less than three digits.

Insurance Division

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David Poms, President, provides the direction and management for the Insurance Division. Your NMPSIA Team Members will assist you with the following services:

  • Conduct contractual risk-transfer review to ensure insurance compliance and recommend language for hold-harmless/indemnity agreements, proper coverage and equity.
  • Manage and places stand-alone insurance policies for events such as field trips, school sponsored events versus non-school sponsored events, use of facilities, discuss coverage for regular and spontaneous volunteers, requirements for bonfires, use of personal vehicles, supplementary transportation matters and provide waiver forms for various activities.
  • Manage annual policy renewals for Student Accident, Equipment Breakdown and Underground Storage Tank coverages
  • Responsible for the Property schedule for all Members including buildings, contents, construction, equipment at all owned or leased locations and inventory listed for accurate calculation of premium costs associated with total insured values, established flood zones and appraisal records.
  • Respond to insurance coverage inquiries and prepare annual fiscal audits for individual members.

Your Dedicated Insurance Team Members

Team Member Email Phone Fax
Jennifer De Jesus
Account Manager O: (818) 449-9415
(800) 578-8802, ext. 415
C: (818) 522-3726
(818) 449-9449
Jo Anne Roque
VP, Risk Services Account Management O: (818) 449-9369
(800) 578-8802, ext. 369
C: (415) 317-5829
(818) 449-9449
Lynn Solomon
VP, Senior Account Executive O: (818) 449-9372
(800) 578-8802, ext. 372
C: (818) 414-8339
(818) 449-9449
Sandy Lee
Risk Analyst O: (818) 449-9316
(800) 578-8802, ext. 316
C: (805) 341-2327
(818) 449-9449
Justin Perkins
Director O: (818) 449-9301
(800) 578-8802, ext. 301
C: (323) 573-9212
(818) 449-9449
David Poms
President O: (818) 449-9303
(800) 578-8802, ext. 303
(818) 449-9449

Office Location: 5700 Canoga Avenue, Suite 400, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Request for Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance

  • Name of your district, charter school, college or organization.
  • Contact information including your name, phone number and email address.
  • Name and address of certificate holder – this is the entity, business, or individual requesting the certificate.
  • You will need to know the desired type of coverage.
  • Describe the event and/or activity and include all necessary dates.
  • Attach a copy of the written requirement, if applicable, requiring the insurance coverage.
  • For leased or loaned machinery, office equipment, vehicle rental, etc., you will need to provide the replacement cost value, and the serial and/or vehicle identification number.
  • Bus Contractors: a copy of the contract or agreement is required along with a complete schedule of buses including year, make, model and VIN.
  • You will need to include method of delivery, fax number, email or mail address.
  • The email with the attached Certificate will be sent from

Public Use of School Facilities

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In June 2010, Sammy Quintana, Executive Director sent a letter to Superintendents and CEOs of NMPSIA Member agencies informing Members of a statutory amendment (§NMAC, Title 6 Primary and Secondary Education. Chapter 50. Insurance, Part 17 Use of School Facilities by Private Persons) that affects the relationship between public schools in New Mexico and third party users of public school facilities. The change was effective July 1, 2010.

Under the new law:
  1. Public schools in New Mexico are not permitted to deny a facility use application because the party has no liability insurance.
  2. A school may require a tenant user to purchase insurance as a condition of use.
  3. The public school is not required to extend its own liability insurance to the tenant user. If the tenant user elects to remain uninsured, it is at the user’s own risk. The personal assets of the event sponsor may be in jeopardy if a loss occurs.
  4. NMPSIA Members (districts, charter schools, other educational entities, etc…) WILL BE insured by NMPSIA for claims which arise as a result of the tenant user’s event and for which the Member is held liable.
  5. Since July 1, 2010, the NMPSIA Member’s liability exposure is statutorily limited to a maximum of $1,000,000 per occurrence for damages related to tenant user activities. The Act does not set a maximum limit for the sponsor’s liability.
  6. Public schools may (and should) adopt a Facility Use Policy that clarifies all other terms and conditions of facility use. A sample Site Use Agreement is also available for reference. This sample may be adapted for use by the Member or Member’s counsel. Work with your attorney to ensure that your Site Use Policy is appropriately drafted to avoid discrimination complaints.

To reduce liability, NMPSIA’s recommended Site Use Agreement asks NMPSIA Member to obtain waiver agreements from the User’s event participants. Waivers help to mitigate potential damages and control premium costs.

Members may continue to recommend (but not mandate) the purchase of TULIP coverage for the User’s own protection. We strongly suggest that you inform Tenant User applicants of the continued availability of the TULIP program.

The sample Site Use Agreement offers specific recommendations for safety and other risk management components. The incorporation of safety and risk management processes will limit potential liability for all parties and safeguard future public access.

For questions relating to your obligations under the new law, please contact Justin Perkins, Jessie Monterrosa, or Lynn Solomon at Poms & Associates: (800) 578-8802. For assistance with safety issues associated with Tenant Users, contact Julie Garcia or Larry Vigil at (800) 898-6236.

Sample Site Use Agreement

Use of School Facilities by Private Persons

Safety, Risk Management, & Loss Control Division

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Julie Garcia, Regional Director, leads your Safety, Risk Management & Loss Control Division.This Division was created to specifically address your pre-loss activities by assisting you with the development of policies and procedures, training your staff on comprehensive topics, creating a safe environment for staff and students, conducting onsite safety audits and risk assessments, addressing matters such as OSHA standards and regulations, life safety code standards and regulations, ergonomic issues and best practices, review of and development of safety drills, and employment practices liability requirements and best practices. In addition, the team is constantly reviewing trends in school risk management issues. As a result, they work closely with NMPSIA to develop programs to curb those trends, such as the Technical Assistance Program (TAP) a partnership with CES, and Pecos Valley REC to provide an IDEA hotline and professional development training programs.

Your Dedicated Safety, Loss Control and Risk Management Team:

Team Member Email Phone Fax
Julie Garcia
Regional Director O: (505) 933-6286
C: (505) 249-6824
(505) 797-1432
Tamie Pargas
Risk Management
Civil Rights Specialist O: (505) 933-6189
C: (505) 249-7973
(505) 797-1432
Larry Vigil
Sr. Loss Control Manager O: (505) 933-6282
C: (505) 205-5620
(505) 797-1432
Karen Mestas Harris
Sr. Loss Control Manager
& Ergonomics Specialist O: (505) 933-6284
C: (575) 693-3655
(505) 797-1432
James Vautier
Sr. Loss Control Manager
& Safety / Security Specialist O: (505) 933-6287
C: (505) 480-1175
(505) 797-1432
Darron Walter
Risk Management Safety & Security O: (505) 933-6296
C: (720) 775-0031
(505) 797-1432
Richard McKelvey
Loss Control & Risk
Management Consultant O: (505) 933-6288
C: (505) 977-9790
(505) 797-1432
Albert Muniz
Loss Control & Risk
Management Consultant O: (505) 933-6283
C: (505) 339-4248
(505) 797-1432
Andrew Trujillo
Loss Control & Risk
Management Consultant O: (505) 369-6283
C: (505) 306-0981
(505) 797-1432
Brenda Barela
Loss Control & Risk
Management Consultant O: (505) 933-6289
C: (505) 228-0533
(505) 797-1432
Rafael Velasquez
Loss Control & Risk
Management Consultant O: (505) 933-6285
C: (505) 401-8976
(505) 797-1432
Susan Baca‐Garcia
Exec. Assistant Code Specialists O: (505) 933-6281
C: (505) 573-3950
(505) 797-1432
Rachel Overmier
Research Analyst O: (505) 369-3454
C: (505) 280-7302
(505) 797-1432
Peter Meilleur
Online Training Specialist O: (505) 933-6293
C: (505) 401-0695
(505) 797-1432
Steve Meilleur, PhD
HR & Employment Practices O: (505) 933-6291
C: (505) 401-0942
(505) 797-1432

Office Location: 201 3rd Street NW, Suite 1400, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Audits & Assessments

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In addition to the numerous trainings available to NMPSIA Members, Poms & Associates also offers the following Audits and Assessments to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state regulations:

  • Security and Safety:
    • Annual and Semiannual Facility Audits
    • Regulatory Compliance Audits
    • Alarms and Areas of Rescue
    • Crisis Planning
    • Food Service Safety
    • Fire Protection Systems
    • Gang Recognition
  • Playgrounds:
    • Review playground layouts (help design equipment layouts)
    • Playground Safety Audits
  • Review New Buildings (Audit of buildings before signing lease or purchase contracts)
  • Ergonomic Audits for kitchen staff, custodial staff and office staff

Office Location: 201 3rd Street NW, Suite 1400, Albuquerque, NM 87102

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About us:

For assistance:

Eric Swartz
Toll free (800) 927-4695, ext. 616
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Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc. (CCMSI) is the Property, Liability and Worker’s Compensation Third Party Claims Administrator for all Members of NMPSIA.

Property & Liability Claims

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Under the supervision of Steve Vanetsky, Senior Claims Supervisor, all property and liability claims are assigned to a team of claim adjusters. There are currently seven (7) claim adjusters to handle and service all of your claims.

Following procedure for reporting of claims is important. As soon as you obtain knowledge or become aware of a circumstance that could give rise to a claim, you should report it immediately using the appropriate claim form.

If you receive a summons or any written or verbal communication from an attorney, contact CCMSI immediately. Any time delay can impact the investigation of the allegations.

The first reporting notification should be sent directly to Steve Vanetsky. If he is not available, any one of the adjusters will gladly assist you. Simply ask for a general liability adjuster and advise the operator that you are a Member of the New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority.

Steve Vanetsky, Claims Manager
Phone: (505) 837-8722
Toll free:(800) 635-0679, ext. 8722
Direct Fax: (217) 477-6317
CCMSI Main Office: (505) 837-8700
CCMSI Main Fax: (505) 888-6901
(Do not use for Workers’ Compensation)
Claims Adjusters:
Cathy Lundy –
Marc Berstein –
Joe Klaus –
Estevan Reyes –
Greg Ramirez –
Kerry Sabado –
James Ortega –
Tim Tamm –

Workers' Compensation

CCMSI logo

Workers’ Compensation (WC) claims for Members of the New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority are supervised by Jerry Mayo and Vanessa Devine and managed by a team of four (4) Claims Representatives, and two (2) Medical Only Adjusters. All contact information for team members is listed below.

Reporting a Workers' Compensation Claim:

The Employer’s First Reports of Injury or Illness (FROI) may be submitted electronically into the CCMSI Internet Claims Edge system (ICE), or scanned and emailed to the dedicated Workers’ Compensation email of CCMSI encourages NMPSIA members to obtain an ICE ID to submit the FROI electronically. If you need an ICE ID and passcode, please email your request to Vanessa Devine and Jerry Mayo

Timely Reporting of Workers' Compensation Claims and Potential Penalties

NMPSIA requests that all Members submit FROIs to CCMSI within twenty four (24) hours but no later than seventy two (72) hours of their first knowledge of the injury or illness.

NMAC Rule states the following:

(4) The employer shall report every accident to their insurer or, in the case of self-insured employer or member of a self-insurance group, their claims administrator, whether or not the employer considers the claim to be valid, within 72 hours of the earlier of:

(a) actual knowledge of the accident by the employer, or

(b) presentation of a notice of accident form to the employer.

Please note:

Under Section 52-1-61 (NMSA 1978), Employers who report injuries late are subject to penalties of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each occurrence.

Claims Workbook:

General information about reporting, investigating and managing Workers’ Compensation Claims can be found in the

Workers' Compensation and Property & Liability Claims Workbook (fillable PDF)

Workers' Compensation Forms & Documents

Team Member Direct Phone & Fax Email Title
Jerry Mayo O: (505) 837-8730
F: (217) 477-6330 NMPSIA Claims Supervisor
Vanessa Devine O: (505) 837-8724
F: (217) 477-6324 NMPSIA Claims Supervisor
April Salguero O: (505) 837-8733
F: (217) 477-7221 NMPSIA Claims Representative
Davis Miller O: (505) 837-8719
F: (217) 477-3040 NMPSIA Claims Representative
Nathan McMillion O: (505) 837-8799
F: (217) 444-2851 NMPSIA MO & PPD Payout Adjuster
Ariel Pendley O: (505) 837-8713
F: (217) 477-6973 NMPSIA Claims Representative
Anjelica Romero O: (505) 837-8714
F: (217) 477-3063 NMPSIA MO & PPD Payout Adjuster
Rey Nieto-Contreras O: (505) 837-8703
F: (217) 477-6834 NMPSIA Claims Representative

Investigations and How You Can Help:

CCMSI logo

By taking the following steps, you can help with the investigation.

  • Document the scene through photographs, video recordings, or a written description from a witness(s);
  • Investigate the facts that surround the incident;
  • Document date, time, area or location of incident, names, phone numbers and addresses, if possible;

Please remember that you are the eyes and ears out in the field, you have the opportunity to gather facts and preserve any evidence that may be lost over time.

Most importantly, this will allow you to identify ways to prevent or reduce an accident from recurring.

General Liability Claim Investigation Overview (PDF)

Incident Procedure Recommendations (PDF)

Investigation Best Practices:


  • Go to the accident site as soon as possible
  • Investigate and document the cause, if possible
  • Document witnesses
  • Preserve any evidence


  • Conduct a formal interview
  • Offer advice
  • Admit negligence
  • Discuss insurance coverages
  • Negotiate a settlement
  • Discriminate
  • Make assumptions

Required Training:

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Following is a list of required trainings:

First Aid, CPR and AED Training

poms logo

This training is provided through our Red Cross and National Safety Council Authorized Outreach Trainers.

The minimum attendance requirement is 3 people and a maximum of 12 people per training session.

The training sessions are approximately 2 hours per skill set, as follows:

Adult & Child CPR 2 hours
Adult & Child First Aid/CPR 4 hours
Adult & Child First Aid/CPR/AED 6 hours (plus 30 min or 1 hour lunch – your choice)

* There is a minimal charge for Red Cross and NSC certifications (for certification cards and books)

  • Payment is required no later than the day of the training.
  • Checks for the fees should be made payable to Poms & Associates.
  • Invoice(s) will be provided upon receipt of the Attendance Sheet(s).
To schedule a training, please contact:
Brenda Barela
Phone: 505-797-1354
Cell: 505-228-0533
National Safety Council Courses
Course Fee per person
CPR / First Aid / AED $15.00
American Red Cross Courses
Course Course Number Fee per person
First Aid HSSSFA101 $20.00
Adult CPR HSSSFA102 $20.00
Child CPR HSSSFA103 $20.00
Adult AED HSSSFA105 $11.00
Child AED HSSSFA106 $11.00
Adult CPR/AED HSSSFA107 $20.00
Child CPR/AED HSSSFA108 $11.00
Adult & Child CPT HSSSFA201 @20.00
Adult & Child AED HSSSFA204 @11.00
Adult & Child CPR/AED HSSSFA208 @20.00
Adult First Aid / CPR HSSSFA401 @28.00
Child First Aid / CPR HSSSFA402 @28.00
Adult First Aid / CPR / AED HSSSFA404 @28.00
Child First Aid / CPR / AED HSSSFA405 @28.00
Adult & Child CPR / First Aid HSSSFA406 @28.00
Adult & Child First Aid / CPR / AED HSSSFA412 @28.00
Please submit an attendance sheet with the following information, for each person attending each session:
  • First and last name
  • Address (this can be the school/business address)
  • Email address - please note this is very important as Red Cross will send certificates directly to the attendees via email
  • Phone number
Room Requirements:
  • A room large enough for the attendees to have a place to sit with table/desk space to take notes and review handbook plus enough floor space to be able to perform the CPR/AED skills on the training manikins.
  • A room with a screen or flat, white wall to view program videos.
  • If needed, Poms & Associates has a training room available.
The office is located at:
320 Osuna Road NE
Suite C-1
Albuquerque, NM 87107

Online Training:

For your convenience, Poms & Associates has an online training system to provide trainings to you and your staff via Webinars, eLearning, email updates on topical issues, and more!

Poms & Associates provides access to educational opportunities, technical assistance, and information resources to help meet the challenges you face in today’s work environment, giving you access to services in the following key areas:

Human Resource Management Employee Benefits Safety and Security
Risk Management & Loss Control Organizational Effectiveness …and much more!
  • Toolbox Talks
  • This Vimeo channel contains videos that are 15 minutes or less on a variety of safetytopics such as Safely Cleaning and Disinfecting Schools, Safely Cleaning and Disinfecting for Bus Personnel, Personal Protective Equipment, and Hazard Communication, Ergonomics, and more.

  • Safely Cleaning and Disinfecting School Facilities Webinar
  • In this recorded webinar, Poms & Associates partnered with representatives from theEnvironmental Protection Agency, the New Mexico Department of Agriculture, cleaning and restoration contractors, and janitorial equipment suppliers to host this free webinar to discuss disinfecting methods, safe usage of chemicals, and other best practicesrecommendations for schools.

  • Title IX Training
  • This Vimeo channel contains training videos regarding the new Title IX regulations.

To schedule a training, please contact:

Peter Meilleur
Phone: (800) 898-6236 or (505) 797-1354

On site experts can tailor and deliver a variety of employment and human resources management-related services: training, organizational development & research, compliance review, and HR/employment policy and practice audits. Poms works with you on organizational risk assessment to manage exposure in employment practices liability (EPL), while improving program quality and your overall effectiveness. Services address important areas such as:

HR Policies, Practices, Audit Consulting Performance Management
Employment Practices Liability Analysis Workers Compensation Administration
Employee Benefits Analysis & Design Employee Wellness & Stress Management
Employment Policy Handbooks Supervisory & Management Training
Personnel Records Management Leadership Development
Job Analysis and Descriptions Training & Development Programs
Compensation & Classification Diversity Programs
Corrective Action, Discipline & Discharge Strategic Workforce & Succession Planning
Employee Satisfaction and Climate Surveys Nonprofit Board Development & Governance
Fair Labor Standards Act (Wage & Hour) Volunteer Program Management
Legal Compliance & Documentation Health, Safety and Security Programs

* If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, Poms & Associates can work with you to customize your needs.

poms logo School bus covered in snow

Winter is coming. Are you prepared?

The temperatures are dropping, and Daylight Saving Time has come and gone. But the work is just beginning to make sure you’re prepared for winter in New Mexico.

There is a lot to think about in making sure your buildings and facilities are ready for the conditions. Poms and Associates and NMPSIA want to make sure you have the tools you need to stay weather prepared. Click on the link below for a handy checklist filled with important reminders for you and your staff. Topics covered include the importance of knowing where your water shut off locations are, to the safe use of space heaters. It’s also a good idea to make sure you are well-stocked with supplies to keep your sidewalks and walkways clear of ice.

As always, if you need more information, feel free to reach out to us at Poms and Associates toll free at (800) 898-6236.

Download the Winter Weather Checklist

WC Grab and Go Kit

Please check back later for updated links!

Driving Monitoring Services

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For assistance contact:

Edwin Sosa, General Manager
Office: (407) 536-7233
Direct Phone: (407) 777-2220
Fax: (877) 347-7745

Risk Frequently Asked Questions